Command Line Interface¶

The Tapis command-line interface (CLI) is an complete interface to the Tapis REST API. The scripts include support for creating persistent authentication sessions, creating/renaming apps, registering and sharing systems, uploading and managing data, creating PostIts, etc. For existing projects looking to leverage Tapis for back-end processing, for users wishing to integrate Tapis into their existing scripted solutions, or for those new to Tapis who just want to kick the tires, the Tapis CLI is a powerful tool for all of these things. The Tapis CLI can be checked out from the Tapis git repository.

git clone

For more information on using the Tapis CLI in common tasks, please consult the Tutorials Section which reference it in all their examples, or check out the Tapis Samples project for sample data and examples of how to use it to populate and interact with your tenant. You can also check out the Tapis CLI Documentation.