The Jobs service is a basic execution service that allows you to run applications registered with the Apps service across multiple, distributed, heterogeneous systems through a common REST interface. The service manages all aspects of execution and job management from data staging, job submission, monitoring, output archiving, event logging, sharing, and notifications. The Jobs service also provides a persistent reference to your job’s output data and a mechanism for sharing all aspects of your job with others. Each feature will be described in more detail in the following section.

Aloe Jobs Service (now in production)

Version 2.4 of the Jobs service is now in production. This version, code-named Aloe, is the rearchitected Jobs service with improved reliability, scalability, performance and serviceability.

A new version of the Jobs service documentation is being developed. Until the unified documentation is ready, please see the old Tapis Jobs service documentation for a basic understanding of the interface and the Aloe documentation in the links below for the up-to-date details.

The following links discuss details of the new production Jobs service:

New Jobs Architecture


Migration Guide

Aloe Beta Tester Guide