URL Macros

In the context of Tapis, a webhook is a URL to which Tapis will send a POST request when that event occurs. A webhook can be any web accessible URL. While you cannot customize the POST content that Tapis sends (it is unique to the event), you can take advantage of the many template variables that Tapis provides to customize the URL at run time. The following tables show the webhook template variables available for each resource. Use the select box to view the macros for different resources.

Variable Description
UUID The UUID of the app.
EVENT The event which occurred
APP_ID The application id (ex. sabermetrics-2.1)

The value of webhook template variables is that they allow you to build custom callbacks using the values of the resource variable at run time. Several commonly used webhooks are shown in the tables above.

Receive a callback when a new user is created that includes the new user’s information
Receive self-describing job status updates
Get notified on all jobs going into and out of queues
Rerun an analysis when a files finishes staging
Use plus mailing to route job notifications to different folders