Metadata Validation

Show curl
curl -sk -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN" -X POST
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
    --data-binary '{"schemaId": "4736020169528054246-242ac11f-0001-013", "value": {"title": "Example Metadata", "properties": {"description": "A model organism..."}}, "name": "some metadata"}'

Show Tapis CLI
tapis meta update -v -V <<<'{"schemaId": "4736020169528054246-242ac11f-0001-013", "value": {"title": "Example Metadata", "properties": {"description": "A model organism..."}}, "name": "some metadata"}'

The response will look something like the following:
Show json response
  "status" : "error",
  "message" : "Metadata value does not conform to schema.",
  "version" : "2.1.8-r8bb7e86"

Often times it is necessary to validate metadata for format or simple quality control. The Metadata service is capable of validating the value of a metadata item against a predefined JSON Schema definition. In order to leverage this feature, you must first register your JSON Schema definition with the Metadata Schemata service, then reference the UUID of that metadata schema resource in the schemaId field.

Given our previous example metadata schema object, the following request would fail due to a missing “species” value in the metadata item value field.