API ReferenceΒΆ

The following table lists the public endpoints within the Abaco API.

GET POST PUT DELETE Endpoint Description
X       /actors/v2/utilization Get high-level usage stats.
X X     /actors/v2 List/create actors.
X X     /actors/v2/aliases List/create aliases.
X     X /actors/v2/aliases/{alias} List/delete an alias.
X   X X /actors/v2/{actor_id} List/update/delete an actor.
X X     /actors/v2/{actor_id}/messages Get number messages/send message
X X     /actors/v2/{actor_id}/nonces List/create actor nonces.
X     X /actors/v2/{actor_id}/nonces/{nonce_id} Get nonce details/delete nonce.
X X     /actors/v2/{actor_id}/state Retrieve/update actor state.
X X     /actors/v2/{actor_id}/workers List/create actor workers.
X     X /actors/v2/{actor_id}/workers/{worker_id} Get worker details/delete worker
X X     /actors/v2/{actor_id}/permissions List/update actor permissions.
X       /actors/v2/{actor_id}/executions List execution summaries.
X     X /actors/v2/{actor_id}/executions/{eid} Get details/Halt execution.
X       /actors/v2/{actor_id}/executions/{eid}/logs Retrieve execution logs.
X       /actors/v2/{actor_id}/executions/{eid}/results Retrieve execution results.
X       /actors/v2/search/{database} Searches specified database
X       /metrics